Our rigorous approach to research and development has led us to a more progressive, data-driven stance on manufacturing. By evaluating and taking a step back, we have been able to make a tremendous leap forward. The end result is the best possible product for the consumer and the highest quality assurance for your brand.

Product Formulations

Creating the right formulation for your product is a sophisticated, multifaceted process. Solubility, granularity, flowability, and composition are all factors that must be rigorously and regularly evaluated and analyzed to assure quality and consistency at every stage of the process. Experiences with insoluble ingredients and uncompromising materials often leave new manufacturers feeling overwhelmed. Our extensive background working with a myriad of different materials has provided us invaluable insights into the compositional and characteristic features of these immutable substances and ingredients.

Through our tireless efforts and ceaseless innovation, we have developed a new level of manufacturing precision. You can rest assured knowing that all products are produced using only the finest natural-base preservatives with no harsh chemicals or harmful additives.

Chemical Characterization

Effective chemical characterization begins at the source of origin. We conduct rigorous tests and analysis to determine the raw chemical characterization of different plant subspecies. Through this added level of scrutiny and evaluation, we can identify the exact compounds required for the product you are trying to create, achieving a new degree of efficiency regarding chemical appropriation.

Product Quality Control

Our goal is to create guidance-based specifications and GMP-informed manufacturing control recommendations for all products manufactured and to all the clients we partner with. Having a cutting-edge formulation means nothing without the knowledge required for implementation and mass production. Give your product the consistency that its quality demands.

Product Efficiency

Pre-clinical testing not only provides us with rich qualitative data but also the ability to obtain meaningful insights about your product and its ability to act in the body. By observing how the compounds within the product are being absorbed, distributed, and metabolized, we can better modify its method of delivery within the system, as well as provide an additional level of care and safety for future consumers.

Manufacturing Efficiency

We minimize the chance of error by identifying gaps and bottlenecks within the manufacturing process, we then implement unique solutions using state-of-the-art engineering and innovative technology. Through our development of highly-automated facilities, we have been able to achieve a new level of quality control by increasing efficiency and eliminating the variability of the human element.

Hand & Hand with your CRO

By working directly with different Contract Research Organizations, we are able to develop products specifically for pre-clinical and clinical trials. Our established relationships and network of industry-leading experts have enabled us to perform more critical levels of analysis throughout the entire process with a constant focus on the overall quality and consistency of the end-product.

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