Cascade Naturals

Cascade Naturals provides premiere product design, formulation, and manufacturing services for some of the world's top nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and natural health products.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cascade Naturals is to bring newly emerging products to existing markets with a vaster audience, increasing the diversity and quality of products for the sake of all consumers.

What We Do

Cascade Naturals manufactures the highest-quality products on the market, improving upon the portfolios of our clients through a process called “unique differentiation.” While we offer services for a wide variety of products, our specialty lies in the formulation of botanical ingredients that require extensive R&D in order to be commercialized. Cascade Naturals has the ability to fulfill bulk orders in a consistent manner for everything from natural health products to bulk dietary supplements to naturally-derived consumer packaged goods.

How we help you

When it comes to the introduction of new products in emerging markets, nobody does it better than us.

Through our expansive network, we provide each one of our clients access to a specialized team of experts and industry-leading advisors. Receive in-depth, personalized consultations on everything from product formulations and regulations to cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

The development of prototypes to perform preemptive market research and analysis, the customization of formulations specifically for your brand and audience, and the ability to bring your product to market all the way through the multi-step process of white labeling, are all ways Cascade Naturals helps you maximize the efficacy of your product and its potential profitability. It does not matter if it is a small pilot batch or a full scale production run - Cascade Naturals possesses the ability, knowledge, and experience to produce unique, new, and novel materials at the absolute highest level.

Quality Control

Our data-driven approach has enabled us to create a streamlined, fully-automated business model designed to run flawlessly without variability or human error. All our products come with a COA and are fully compliant with US regulations and CFR21 part 111 cGMP requirements.

All of our products are tested in the following areas:
  • Heavy metal testing

  • HPLC or GC / MS identification and quantitative analysis

  • Moisture testing

  • Microbial testing

  • Roller compacting

  • Dissolution testing

  • Residual solvent testing

Markets We Serve

  • Dietary supplements   

  • Natural health products

  • Cosmetics

  • Other naturally derived consumer goods

Our Experience

Our incredible staff of industry leaders and innovators comprises a diverse group of like-minded individuals, led by our executive team that boasts over 80 years of combined experience in formulations and manufacturing. We have been operating cGMP Certified Facilities for over 12 years, building multiple cGMP facilities from the ground up, with many of our personnel being Sigma Certified. This unrivaled level of experience has enabled us to rapidly become one of the premiere producers within our industry today.

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